Last revised: April 29, 2022

Arrive Alive Guarantee


This Guarantee applies to all retail livestock orders processed through the Reefables website ( Any and all independent arrangements, guarantees, warranties, or other verbal or written promises made between Reefables store owners ("Sellers") and their customers ("Buyers") are not enforceable by Reefables and will not be considered under this Guarantee. Wholesale purchases are not covered by this Guarantee.

Any retail livestock item (i.e. coral, anemones, invertebrates or marine fish) purchased from a Seller on the Reefables, LLC website, located at, that arrives dead or fails to survive 24 hours beyond the official Time of Delivery will be eligible for either a replacement item or site credit in the form of a Reefables gift card. All replacements and site credits are to be issued by the Seller. For the purposes of this guarantee, "Time of Delivery" is defined as the local time at which an order is marked as Delivered in the shipping carrier's tracking system, not the time that the item was physically received by the Buyer or brought inside.

Reefables does not, under any circumstances, offer refunds for any purchase. Any determination regarding item replacements, store credits and/or refunds will be dictated by the Seller's published policies at the time of sale. All Sellers are required to publish clear "dead on arrival" policies, and all Buyers are expected to be familiar with these policies prior to purchasing any product on Reefables.

It is the Buyer's responsibility to know what time an order is scheduled for delivery and to ensure that shipments are received from the shipper on the first attempted delivery. ORDERS THAT ARE NOT RECEIVED BY THE BUYER ON THE FIRST DELIVERY ATTEMPT ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS ARRIVE ALIVE GUARANTEE.

An Arrive Alive Guarantee claim requires photographic evidence, and Buyers should photograph all items within one hour of delivery in case a claim becomes necessary. Timestamp and other EXIF metadata must be included with images submitted as evidence.

Prior to submitting an Arrive Alive Guarantee claim, the Buyer must first notify the Seller within 24 hours of delivery that an item arrived dead or badly injured. If the Seller agrees to the Buyer's characterization of the animal's vitality (or lack thereof) and the request is submitted verbally or in writing within the initial 24-hour period, the Seller is responsible for providing an acceptable resolution, either in the form of a replacement item or b) in the form of a Reefables gift card in an amount agreed upon by Buyer and Seller.

In the event that a claimed item was listed as "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) at the time of purchase, the Buyer will have the choice whether to a) request the Seller send a replacement item to be agreed upon by Buyer and Seller, or b) request a Reefables gift card in the amount of the claimed item.

If the claimed item was listed as "Multiples Available" at the time of sale, the Seller will have the option to replace the item with another item from the inventory advertised in the original listing, or issue a Reefables gift card in the amount of the claimed item as credit. The Reefables gift card will be purchased by the Seller and sent to the Buyer's registered e-mail address. Gift cards are redeemable at any store on the Reefables site, including the original store involved in the dispute.

The Buyer's first documented contact at contacting the Seller, either via the Reefables inquiry or chat functionalities available on the Seller's storefront, e-mail or phone call, will serve as the official Claim Time for purposes of the Arrive Alive Guarantee. Should the Seller dispute the Buyer's characterization of the item's condition and refuse to replace or credit the item, the Buyer should complete the claim form in order to initiate the dispute resolution process. The claim form is the sole method of initiating an Arrive Alive claim.

Shipping fees are neither included in, nor covered by, this Arrive Alive Guarantee. Any decision on whether to offer full, partial, or no credit for shipping fees paid will be determined by the Seller's stated store policies.