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Our platform enables real-time syncing of products, order information and shipment tracking between your Reefables store and an existing Shopify store.


Access the real-time information that you need to make important decisions about your store's product mix, propagation cycles, wholesale purchases and pricing strategy.


Shipping rates are distance-based, allowing sellers to be as hands-on as they want. Stick with the base rates or customize your store's shipping tables to your specifications.

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  • Purpose-built marine aquatics marketplace and auction house
  • We calculate, collect and remit all state sales taxes on your behalf
  • Sync your Reefables store with an existing Shopify store in real time
  • Every page is search-engine optimized to bring more visitors to your store
  • Vendors-only forum connects you with other vendors and Reefables staff
  • Product categories organized logically by species along with robust search & filtering capabilities
  • Instant payment to your business PayPal account
  • Store dashboard provides real-time sales and product performance data
  • Easy and hassle-free inventory management
  • Chat live with customers viewing your products or storefront
  • Create custom coupon codes for any occasion and set any threshold for free shipping
  • Fully customizable shipping system provides total flexibility


Reefables employs a customizable shipping system that gives you complete flexibility to set rates that make the most sense for your business. You can choose to stick with the default rates shown here, or customize your store's rates for specific states and shipping classes.

You can also choose to offer services such as delivery-day scheduling and local in-store pickup, and our integration with Shippo lets you purchase discounted shipping and print labels right from your store dashboard.


  • Dry Goods - Small Package
  • Dry Goods - Medium Package
  • Dry Goods - Large Package
  • Dry Goods - Oversized/Heavy
  • Overnight (Required for Livestock)
  • Free Shipping Threshold
  • Local Pickup


  • $4.95
  • $9.95
  • $19.95
  • $29.95
  • $39.95
  • $349.00
  • FREE


Our industry-only wholesale marketplace offers the perfect opportunity to stock up on inventory without ever leaving the site. Wholesale marketplace access is included with seller subscription plans, and buyer-only access can be purchased as an annual subscription for licensed aquatics businesses that do not sell on Reefables.


Check out our consolidated and ever-growing list of in-stock and ready-to-ship items from Reefables vendors and dedicated wholesale sellers. You'll find both bulk offerings and individual WYSIWYG pieces in a single list for easy browsing.


We're already building the world's largest collection of retail coral, so why not build the world's largest collection of wholesale coral too? Every new wholesaler seller that joins the marketplace increases the diversity of inventory available to Reefables stores.


Quantity-based discounts help you increase your store's profit margins. Wholesalers also have the ability to create coupons and incentives to sweeten the deal even further.


The Reefables wholesale marketplace uses the same familiar ratings and review system as the retail side of the site. Reputation is everything in this business, so Reefables wholesalers are incentivized to provide the best possible customer service and most competitive pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reefables is accepting applications from U.S.-based sellers of marine livestock such as coral, fish, anemones and invertebrates, marine artists and retailers of dry goods such as pumps, filters, lights and rock. Livestock sellers based in the state of Florida must provide a current Aquaculture Certificate of Registration from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Yes! Reefables provides sellers with the ability to easily sync products and orders from Shopify in real time, so you can maintain accurate inventory levels on both sites. We’re happy to assist you with this process, as it does require some mild technical proficiency. 

Reefables currently operates on a flat-rate commission structure. Commission rates may vary over time and during specific periods. Active vendors will be notified a minimum of 30 days in advance of any changes in commission rate or structure.

Separate payment processing fees apply to each transaction, depending on the method of payment used for the order. This fee is separate from any commission fees.

Your funds are disbursed immediately following a completed check-out. All commissions and payment processing fees are automatically deducted, and the balance is deposited into your PayPal account.

As the marketplace facilitator, Reefables assumes responsibility for calculating, collecting and remitting state sales tax on behalf of Reefables sellers on all transactions. Sellers will not receive any sales tax proceeds from the sale of their products.

To gain a clearer understanding of the role of the marketplace facilitator in collecting and remitting state sales tax, familiarize yourself with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair.

Sellers should speak to their tax advisers regarding what impact, if any, a Reefables store may have on their tax liabilities. Reefables cannot provide any tax-related advice.

Reefables has implemented a completely customizable shipping system that allows you to either keep our default rates, or set unique rates for different states (or even different zip codes!). Every store is initially pre-configured to use default shipping fees, so you can start selling immediately and revise your rates as you see fit.

You also have the ability to set a free shipping threshold to reward customers for reaching a particular cart amount.

No. Unlike marketplaces like ebay, Reefables passes all shipping fees directly to the seller, without deducting commission. We understand that shipping live animals is expensive enough as it is.

For all the same reasons that your local farmers’ market is packed with shoppers every weekend, and for all the same reasons that vendors race to reserve the best booth locations at seasonal coral and aquatics shows — because it’s where your customers are.

Reefables gives vendors constant exposure to new customers, and provides shoppers with an online marketplace that allows them to buy reef tank livestock the way they buy everything else. 

We like to think of it as the coral and aquatics show that never ends.

Send us a note through your store dashboard with the name of the category you’d like us to add, and we’ll get it taken care of. In the meantime, add the product to an adjacent category or a parent category.